S1 E3: Target Customer Profiling - Get to Know Who You're Serving!

Get to know your target customer - The Freelance Fix Podcast with byRosanna

Episode Notes:

There’s a reason why ‘understanding your target customer’ is the first step in pretty much any business or marketing related activity. They are the key person in your business - the hero in the story your business is telling.

Did you know that in some countries, businesses are required to submit a customer profile in order to register as a legal company? Yeah, that's how important it is.


Without understanding who your customer is, it’s nearly impossible to communicate your business and market your products and services. Having a clear idea of your target customer, including their demographics, preferences, personality, background etc., means you can know:

  • What publications they read so you can advertise to them

  • Which social media platforms and website they spend most time on

  • What types of design feels familiar and attractive to them

  • How they like to be spoken to that makes them respond best

  • Which events to attend to show up and sell to them

  • How to tweak your products & pricing to fit them and solve their problems

In this episode I've included tips on what your Target Customer Profile should look like, plus how to get that information and data to create one.

You can download the free Target Customer CV template (with video tutorial) here:


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