Modern, Edgy Design with Dolled Up Shoreditch (Brand & Website)

Dolled Up Shoreditch Brand and Website Design

"Branding is what people say about you when you're not in the room."


When Sue contacted me about working on the branding and website for her new tanning and hair salon opening up in the heart of one of London's coolest areas - Shoreditch - I was obviously super excited! Seeing the photos of the salon being set up and the interior design ideas was great, and I'm looking forward to seeing how the branding we created looks in the form of signage when I'm next up in the big smoke.

Brand moodboard

Dolled Up Brand Moodboard | byRosanna

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Sue has a really clear vision for the brand, led by the interior ambience of the salon and the types of clientele that would be visiting. We were inspired by all things industrial, with a 'city loft' look, as well as the hint of sexiness with the pop of pink for neon signage (a nod to Agent Provocateur and summer vibes).

Brand Concept Board

Dolled Up Brand Design | byRosanna

I used a combination of bold, impactful fonts and a more magazine editorial style to create a modern, fashionable look, with a bit of added personality with the handwritten 'up' that would be used in neon on the salon signage.

Using this brand concept, we moved on to create a set of business cards, social media graphics & templates, as well as a price list PDF that could be emailed to clients or printed as a flyer:

Branded Collateral

Business Cards

Biz Cards

Facebook Graphics & Instagram Templates

Facebook Cover

PDF Price List

Dolled Up Price List

Launch landing page design

Once we'd finished the branding, we moved onto the website design. While the salon was still being renovated and set up, we created a landing page so that Sue and the team would be able to post updates on social media and retain interested customers with a landing pages and sign up form.

Landing page in Squarespace

Full Website Design

Once I got the go ahead from Sue that the salon was ready to launch, I was excited to get started on the full website and truly being our branding work to life. I love how it turned out!

Squarespace website design

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Make Your Mailchimp Sign Up Process Look More Pro

Make Your Mailchimp Sign Up Process Look More Pro | byRosanna

If you're just starting out, a free Mailchimp account is a great place to start with email marketing.

It has great customisable email templates, easy list management and an intuitive interface, plus it's super easy to integrate into any website - especially Squarespace! However, even once you've created and designed a sign up form that connects to Mailchimp on your website, there are other steps in the sign up process that might like kind of... basic:

  • Opt-in confirmation email
    This is what subscribers will receive in their inbox automatically after they have submitted their email address on your website's sign up form. This step is called a 'double opt-in' is a requirement of many email marketing software companies; it means people have a chance to confirm their identity with their email address and it makes sure they definitely want to receive your email marketing.
  • Confirmation thank you page
    Once people click the confirmation link in their confirmation email, they will be taken to a Mailchimp hosted web page that thanks them for their subscription. 
  • Confirmation thank you email
    As well as seeing the thank you page, your new subscribers will also receive a thank you email to confirm that they've now been added to your list. Think of this almost like a receipt!
  • Final welcome email
    This is an optional step (you can select whether you want to send a final welcome email in your 'List Name and Defaults' settings). Some people use this step as an opportunity to introduce their business and let people know what to expect from their email newsletter, and others use this step to send their opt-in freebie to their new subscriber.
A basic, un-branded confirmation email

A basic, un-branded confirmation email

Also if you want to link to a sign page created within Mailchimp, it's important to make sure this is consistently designed to match the rest of your brand and website.

Where to find the sign up process design settings:

Mailchimp Lists

Head to the 'Lists' area of your Mailchimp account and select the list for which you want to design the sign up process for...

Mailchimp lists

Then select the 'Signup Forms' tab above the list of your email subscribers....

Mailchimp lists

And select the 'General Forms' area. This will take you to the place where you can design your sign up pages and confirmation/thank you emails:

Mailchimp Lists

It will automatically open on the 'Signup form' dropdown menu, but when you open the dropdown you should be able to see all the options that you can customise and redesign yourself.

Mailchimp sign up forms
Mailchimp sign up forms

If you want to create a signup form page with Mailchimp that you can link to with a button or text link on your website (like this!), then you can start by editing the signup form.

However if you've already got a signup form on your website that visitors can put their email address into, then you can skip this step, and select the 'Opt-In confirmation email' option to start.

How to edit the design settings:

Once you've selected which step of the process you want to customise, you can scroll down and see the three tabs of 'Build It', 'Design it' and 'Translate it'.

Mailchimp design settings

In the 'Design it' tab, you can change find the design settings for the following elements:

  • Page
    -Background (colour)
    -Header (font size, font line height, margins)
    -Outer wrapper (background colour)
  • Body
    -Foreground (colour)
    -Default Text (line height, font size, font family, text colour, padding)
    -Link Style (link colour)
  • Forms
    -Buttons & buttons hovered (background colour, text colour)
    -Field labels (line height, font family, font size, text colour)
    -Field text (font family, text colour)
    -Required text (text colour, visibility)
    -Require Legend (display)
    -Help text (text colour)
    -Errors (text colour, font weight)
  • MonkeyRewards (aka, the Mailchimp logo badge)

You can play around with these design settings and view a live preview when you scroll down below. You can also click on the various elements in the preview and edit them. As you can see in the screenshot above I have added a logo to the header area; to do this you just need to hover over the header area and click 'edit' or 'use image', and upload the image you want to display there.


Also, if you move on to the 'Translate it' tab, you can change what the text says in various areas, which is helpful if you want to personalise your emails further to fit with your brand voice.

Mailchimp sign up forms

You can also just hover over any areas on the preview where you want to change the text and click 'edit'. This will then open a pop-up where you can type your custom text:


Once you're happy with your customisations, you can scroll back up to the dropdown menu and select the next step in the process. Now the great thing is, all your design settings should be saved! So it's just up to you to customise any text/make any translations you want:

Mailchimp forms

Test Your Process:

To test the whole process, you can either start by filling out one of the sign up forms on your website with your email address, or if you don't have one, you can get the link for your Mailchimp sign up page by going to 'Sign up forms' > 'General forms' and select the 'Sign up form' option. Then directly below that you will find a unique url. 


Copy and paste this into your browser and test the sign up form that way. Then you should shortly receive your 'opt-in' confirmation email (it can take up to 1 hour with Mailchimp), where you can see how your design looks to new subscribers!

All the Frenchies

Got questions? Ask below in the comments.

What To Do When Live Videos and Webinars Aren't Your Thing...

What to do when you hate live videos and webinars

Ideas for us awkward folk who cringe at the words 'live' and 'video'!

You may have seen recently in the online/content marketing world that live video marketing has kind of exploded. Whether it's Periscope, Facebook Live or the obsession with 'webinars', it's pretty difficult to escape live video content and marketing at the moment.

But am I the only one who literally cannot stand the thought of talking *gulp* live on video?

Recording myself talking is bad enough, but doing it live? Seriously, I only just got myself almost-kinda comfortable with one-to-one Skype video calls; I don't know if I can handle live streaming to tens or even hundreds of people!

Why live video is just not everyone's cup of tea

I know I'm not the only one who feels this way - it's almost certainly something that many other introverts will relate to. In fact, I wrote a whole blog post about how your personality can affect how you run your business, and marketing tactics are no different.

It's not just about hating the sound of your own voice or not wanting to appear on screen (although there is that...); a lot of the time it's the intimidation of being live and being worried you'll make a mistake, say something wrong, or just come off like an awkward mess of stutters.

That's what's in my head anyway.

It's also the concern of not knowing who is watching, or perhaps worse - the concern that no one will watch (or near to no one), and you'll look lame and a bit self important in the process. 

Of course all these worries are silly and probably unnecessary, but we all have our own boundaries - not necessarily for comfort (the best things are outside our comfort zones, right?), but for the pursuit of less stress and anxiety in our lives.



PURPOSE: Many businesses use free webinars to attract lots of viewers, give away some useful information that they can take away, and then 'hook' them with a promotion of a paid product/service.

ALTERNATIVE: You can achieve the same thing with email marketing and opt-in freebies. You entice people to sign up to your email list by using a freebie that gets sent directly to them once they subscribe. Once they are signed up, you can send them useful emails each week or so, but also send out 'hooks', promoting your paid product/service.

Examples of opt-in freebies (that aren't webinars) include:
- Vouchers
- PDF worksheets
- Templates
- Mini ebooks
- Recipes
- Photo packs

I go into this and more ideas in more details in my blog post about building your email list with opt-in offers, but you get the idea!

Instead of paid webinars

PURPOSE: Sometimes people will ask you to sign up and pay to watch private webinars; you could treat this almost as a live paid workshop.

ALTERNATIVE: If you've got something awesome to talk about or teach, why not create an ecourse about it? You can deliver ecourses in text and worksheet format, email format, ebook format or even pre-recorded videos or podcasts (much less daunting than live!).

Here are some awesome articles about ecourses:
- How to Create an Online Course That Sells by Regina
- Build and Sell Your First ECourse by Made Vibrant

INSTEAD OF Facebook/INSTAGRAM LIVE broadcasts...

PURPOSE: To gain engagement on social media and show your audience what you're up to.

ALTERNATIVE: There's no denying that video content does better for engagement on social media (and get around 135% more organic reach than photo posts according to Socialbakers!), but that doesn't mean it needs to be live. Upload pre-recorded video announcements and company news clips instead of text posts to increase engagements OR, if you really don't want to do videos, a photo is still better than plain text.

But instead of just using a random stock photo, try creating your own graphics to add interest and make your social media posts more shareable! I personally love Canva for creating branded graphics for free.

Instagram Live video

Instead of Periscope...

PURPOSE: As far as I'm aware, most people use Periscope to post mini-webinars, to provide useful/valuable content and gain exposure for their business in order to promote paid products/services.

ALTERNATIVE: Try Snapchat or Instagram Stories for sharing really short snippets of information (you can pre-record these, or record them in the app and restart as many times as you like), or for longer topics or if you want more interaction, why not start a Twitter chat? At a certain time each week you can get people to use a certain hashtag to talk about a topic and have discussions!

What You should Know about Live video marketing...

At the end of the day, I have no doubt that live video and webinars are amazing marketing tools. I see so many articles about how utilising these marketing tactics have dramatically increased peoples' sales and livelihoods, and that's fantastic.

However I don't believe it's the only way to make money and to be successful with your marketing. Plus sometimes it's better to stay focused with your marketing activities and concentrate on what you're really good and what is working well, rather than doing a million different things without the resources to commit fully to each one.

If you are interested in dipping your toe into the waters of live video/webinars, check out these articles from business bloggers I love:

- How to Use Webinars to Grow Your Biz (No Matter What Industry) by Melissa Griffin
- How to Plan Your First Webinar by Think Creative Collective
- How to Use Facebook Live for Your Business by Bloguettes

Final words: The worst thing is feeling stressed that you should be doing something, when you really don't want to do it but you feel like you have to (even if you don't!). If you are stressed because you feel you should be doing live videos & webinars; just stop. No one is making you do it, and there are so many alternatives out there that might work better for you and be less stressful. Seek them out or create your own!

Do you also cringe at live video marketing? Comment below!