Who Are You Creating For: Your Target Customer Profile (+ FREE CV Template)

Who are your creating for? Your Target Customer Profile (+ FREE Cv Template)

The most important person in your business? It’s not you - it’s your customer.

There’s a reason why ‘understanding your target customer’ is the first step in pretty much any business or marketing related activity. They are the key person in your business - the hero in the story your business is telling.

Did you know that in some countries, businesses are required to submit a customer profile in order to register as a legal company? Yeah, that's how important it is.

Why is customer profiling so important?

Without understanding who your customer is, it’s nearly impossible to communicate your business and market your products and services. Having a clear idea of your target customer, including their demographics, preferences, personality, background etc., means you can know:

  • What publications they read so you can advertise to them

  • Which social media platforms and website they spend most time on

  • What types of design feels familiar and attractive to them

  • How they like to be spoken to that makes them respond best

  • Which events to attend to show up and sell to them

  • How to tweak your products & pricing to fit them and solve their problems

Enter, the target customer cv!

Target Customer CV template

What should you know about your target customer?

Business owners vary in how in-depth they do their customer profiling; I’ve seen people with barely any customer specifics, and I’ve seen people write 4-page essays on their customer’s back story. My personal recommendation would be to use detail, but keep it condense and if possible, keep target customer information on one page so you can quickly digest the information - hence why I have created this Target Customer CV template!

Yes, it’s quite fun to imagine a real life person with a name, back story and a favourite movie, but it’s more important that you’re able to recall the details about your target customer on your own at any time so that you can apply it to your business and marketing activities! Below are some things I like to include, and have added to the Target Customer CV template:

  • Basic demographics (age, location, gender)

  • Home (marital status, family size/ages, profession, household income)

  • Decision-making priorities (low price vs quality, social reputation, convenience etc.)

  • Personality traits

  • Media & online behaviour (visited websites, social media platforms, magazines, time spent online)

  • Favourites & preferences

Why do the little ‘silly’ things matter?

You may look at that list (and the fact I mentioned ‘naming’ them!) and wonder why all those small, seemingly unimportant/irrelevant details matter to your business. And yes, you can go over the top with it. However I think having some small is important because it helps you to really think of your customer as a real person, making it easier to be empathetic and understand their needs, problems and preferences.

I personally think pinning this Target Customer CV up at your desk space is a great way to always make sure you are keeping mindful of who you are creating and marketing for.

Along with the editable PSD (Photoshop) template file, you will also receive a quick video tutorial in your download that shows you how to edit each element on the template too! I hope you have fun creating :)

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