S1 E2: 5 Ways to Get Your First Clients

5 Ways to Get Your First Clients for your New Business - The Freelance Fix Podcast with byRosanna

Episode Notes:

Whether you're building your business on the side of your main 'job', or you've already made the leap and are hopefully waiting for the momentum to pick up, finding your first clients can be a stressful time.

In this episode I've included my 5 tactics that have helped me get my first clients when I was starting out, and that I've used since then when I've hit quiet periods and needed to get work in fast. I've also talked about 3 important things you must have in place in your business before you even start!

Join the '30 Days to Get New Clients' challenge! As I mentioned in this episode I have a 30 day challenge that includes 30 days of activities to help you get your first clients in your business. You can sign up at the link below and receive the 30 days of email prompts:


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