S1 E1: Meet + Greet (My Freelance Story)

My Freelance Story - The Freelance Fix Podcast with byRosanna

Episode notes:

Hello and welcome to The Freelance Fix! In this episode I am taking the opportunity to properly introduce myself and explain a little about my background and 'freelance story'.

I left my job doing marketing for a software company back in 2016, and since then have been steadily growing my website and brand design business to a place where I have a really well-balanced lifestyle that I love. This is what I talk about in more detail in this podcast episode.

Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to my first ever experience of podcasting. It's a little daunting but I'm really excited to be publishing regular episodes over the next few months. Stick around for more on the topics of marketing, branding, design, productivity and freelancing!

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