S1 E5: Choosing Your Niche (FAQ Session with Olivia Bossert)

How to choose your niche for your business - The Freelance Fix Podcast with byRosanna

Episode Notes:

Fashion photographer and educator, Olivia Bossert (who also happens to be my closest friend and business buddy), joins me on the first FAQ Session on The Freelance Fix.

In this episode we are talking about ALL things 'niche', including why it's important to 'niche down' in your business, how to choose a niche, how to know if your niche is right, and what to do if someone else is already in your niche or if you change your mind.

Both Olivia and I have had great success from honing in on some pretty tight niches for our businesses, after several years of adjustment and exploration of what we should do, so we wanted to share our combined knowledge and experience with you!

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