Perform a Website Audit: Is Your Site Up to Standard? (+ FREE Worksheet)

Website Audit Free Worksheet

When was the last time you updated or even looked at your website?

When you’re first starting out in business it’s easy to get your website and running and then just leave it to do its thing once it’s ‘complete’, while you worry about the other day-to-day business tasks you have to do such as client work, marketing and admin.

I put ‘complete’ in parentheses because I believe that a website is never complete. It is a living breathing thing that should be ever evolving and always improved upon!

Think about it - your website is your business’ HUB! It is the place you are sending everybody to when you are doing all your fancy online marketing activities. Heck, you possibly even spend money to get people to visit your website.

So shouldn’t it therefore be the best representation of your brand as possible?

Your website should be something you are proud of, something that is regularly updated with fresh content and modern design, and something that wows your customers.

And at the very least, it should be hitting the minimum requirements for a ‘good’ website, or else all your marketing efforts and any budget you’ve put behind directing people there, are pretty much pointless.

How do I know if my website is good enough?

First of all, ‘good enough’ isn’t what you should be aiming for. You want to go above and beyond and really make people fall in love with your website. However, I understand that not everyone has the skills or time to create their own incredible websites, although hiring a website designer (like myself) can help with that. My packages are deliberately priced well under £1,000 so that I am affordable for freelancers and small businesses owners!

BUT in the meantime, there are a large number of ‘checklist’ items you can go through to make sure your website is up to a certain standard of quality. Luckily, I’ve created this Website Audit worksheet to help you go through that checklist.

What is included in this website audit worksheet?

This worksheet includes 8 pages worth of checklist items to go through as you browse your website. It includes some site set-up items, and considerations for each page on your website, as well as miscellaneous bits too. I’ve made sure to include plenty of SEO related items to check off too, to make sure your website is working to its full ranking potential!

What do I do with this website audit when I’m done?

At the end of the worksheet pages there is space for you to write notes on what actions need to be taken next to allow you to start ticking ‘YES’ to all those checklist items! Write down what needs work and then grab a notepad or time management app (I use Trello for this!), and make a plan of when you’ll be able to work on all those items in your calendar, prioritising most important and urgent as you go.

+ Need professional help? +

If you’ve gone through your audit and you’re overwhelmed by the amount of tasks you now need to think about, or if you know what you have to do but aren’t sure exactly how to do them, why not hire an expert who can help you out in a fraction of the time?

I’m here to help, with full website design packages starting at just £550!