Simple, Modern Website Design for MSP Crashpad 347

Simple, Modern Website Design for MSP Crashpad 327

The best websites are those that feel good to use.

In fact, the best websites are those that feel GREAT to use; that are intuitive, simple, and make your customers go "WOW! This business really has it together".

Simple, minimalistic and clean websites are my favourite to create, because they just end up feeling so good to use. And of course, Squarespace lends itself to this perfectly!

After working on a brand and website design for her acupuncture business, ReNu, Candace came back to me to help set up a new website for her commuter housing rental sideline for the Minneapolis airline staff.

Firstly, let me say how interesting it was for me to learn about this business! I'd never thought before about where airline staff stay when they're at stop offs in new cities or on a certain flight path contract. It turns out 'crashpads' are a thing, and that's what Candace offers in her home in St. Pauls.

Her 'home away from home' is female only rental accommodation with a fun and friendly - yet professional - vibe, so we made sure the site reflected this with the copywriting, colours and overall style.

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MSP Crashpad website | byRosanna

It’s been so much fun working with Rosanna again. I will be sure to keep sending referrals!
— Candace Eck

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