How to Use Mailchimp & Squarespace for Delivering Opt-In Freebies

How to use Mailchimp and Squarespace to deliver Opt-In Freebies

Squarespace Tutorial: Connecting Mailchimp & Delivering Your Newsletter Incentives!

I've spoken before about creating opt-in offers (ie. incentives to make people want to sign up to your newsletter) and I went through how to set up your download within Mailchimp in that blog post.

However, what I didn't do was explain how to start off by actually connecting Mailchimp to your Squarespace website through 'Newsletter blocks' as a full step by step tutorial.

Connecting Mailchimp to your Squarespace Website:

The very first step is to create a 'Newsletter block' on a webpage on your Squarespace website, or indeed within a blog post. Then go to the 'Storage' tab and click on Mailchimp.

A pop up will open and get you to log in to your Mailchimp account, and Squarespace will then load your lists for you to choose from. Select the list you want to add people to who sign up using this form so that they can receive the opt-in freebie.

Mailchimp and Squarespace

Setting up Your 'thank you' page in Mailchimp

Head over to your Mailchimp 'Lists' tab and click on the list you're using for this sign up form (that you selected in the previous step). The click on 'Sign up' forms and select 'General forms'.

Mailchimp and Squarespace

You'll then be able to create and customise 'forms' for your list. At the moment, the only ones you need to edit are the 'Opt-in confirmation email' if you want to, and the 'Confirmation Thank You Page'. 

Mailchimp and Squarespace

Your 'Confirmation Thank You page' is the important one for inserting your opt-in freebie. So go down and edit the text to include a 'download now' link - I'll show you how to get your PDF download link below...

Uploading & linking to your pdf in Squarespace

Head back to your webpage or blog post in Squarespace and highlight some text (any text - it doesn't matter! We'll be changing this in a minute anyway) and add a link to it. 

Mailchimp and Squarespace

Instead of linking to an external source like you normally would, you'll notice there's a tab that allows you to link to a file. Here, you can upload your PDF file and click 'open in new tab' and save the link.

Mailchimp and Squarespace

Then you just have to save your page in Squarespace, click the link and copy the URL in your browser and copy it into Mailchimp!

Mailchimp and Squarespace

+ here's a video tutorial instead! +

Just in case following screenshots is too confusing, I've made a video tutorial too:

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