Brand & Website Design with ReNu

Brand & Website Design with ReNu

Branding, Website Design & Copywriting with US-based Acupuncture & Wellness boutique!

This week I'm excited to be publishing this new portfolio piece - a project I have truly enjoyed, and one I am most proud of to date (although I know I say that every time!)

Saint Paul based Candace Eck, of what was previously 'ReNu Massage', came to me after reassessing her services & offerings in her business. Having been working in Health & Wellness for 15 years practicing acupuncture and massage, Candace wanted to focus more on Acupuncture and Rejuvenation services, and with that, was looking to refresh her brand!  

The Moodboard

ReNu Brand Moodboard (byRosanna)

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I immediately fell in love with the direction Candace was thinking for her branding; plenty of natural tones, whitespace and freshness!

The Brand Concept Board

ReNu Brand Concept Board (byRosanna)

Candace was inspired by floral line drawings and plant 'study' sketches, so in her final design I included a custom hand-drawn branch to keep in the natural theme, as well as a soft, muted colour palette.

I also love the pop of mustard colour we decided to incorporate, to add interest to the brand with subtle accents throughout the website!

The Website

ReNu Website (byRosanna)

See the ReNu website live in action!

Candace wanted her website to be minimal, clean and refreshing, reflecting the calm and relaxing nature of her brand and business. This is of course something that is Squarespace handles beautifully, and I love how it turned out!

As part of her re-branding process, Candace asked me to write the copy for her website too, using her knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine as a guide.  

The Collateral

ReNu Business Cards
ReNu Branding (byRosanna)
ReNu Brand Collateral (byRosanna)

For ReNu's brand collateral, I created a set of business cards, social media graphics and an email signature for Candace to use and launch her new brand.

Working with Anna and her creative talents has been a truly life changing experience for my business and personal growth. Her insight and structure to how and why she has you work with her every step of the way produced the exact beauty and writing I wanted for my new business branding.
— Candace Eck, ReNu

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