Introducing The Freelance Fix: My New Podcast for Creative Small Businesses

The Freelance Fix Podcast with byRosanna

I’m so excited to be launching my new podcast, The Freelance Fix!

The funny thing is, up until 9 months ago, I’d never even listened to a podcast before! If you’d have told me that in January 2019 I’d be launching my own, I’d have laughed at the idea.

You see, I’ve always considered myself a very visual person (I still do!), and I felt the only way I could take information in and learn was through visuals as well. At college I’d dabbled with trying to learn via audio, but I’ve always struggled taking things in when just listening. I told myself I couldn’t listen to podcasts because I wouldn’t be able to retain the information like I can with a book or a slideshow, so I never tried it.

However, I’ve seen so many articles and blog posts and books recommending amazing business and marketing related podcasts to listen to. My friend Olivia has always loved them and talks about them a lot, and I couldn’t help but feel I was missing out on a world of great information.

Last year, when Olivia launched her first podcast (she has now just re-launched it with a new name - go check it out!) I decided to give it a listen as a good friend wanting to support! When I did, I found that I was actually okay at listening without any visuals, and I listened to another podcast… I believe it was a TED Talk podcast or something like that. I listened to it while I was walking my dog and it suddenly clicked!

I was taking the information in, AND it was passing my ‘empty’ time in a productive way! I asked Olivia for a heap of recommendations and subscribed to loads of awesome business women who I’d been following online anyway. It actually gives such a good feeling of connection hearing someone’s voice vs. reading their social posts or blogs.

After a few months of consuming podcasts like they were free cinnamon bun samples in the supermarket, this made me think - am I missing out on building this kind of connection with my own audience? Could I be creating a more personal, authentic experience for my brand by having my own podcast?

It’s not like I’m short on things to say! I have years worth of blog content to re-purpose and so many ideas from the fantastic business people I follow online; I want to add my story to the conversation too.

So after asking for a microphone from my boyfriend for Christmas, and building up the courage to record my first episode, I’m really excited to be here launching The Freelance Fix today!

What will The Freelance Fix be about?

I wanted to create a podcast targeted at creative small businesses who are just starting out. Either they’re building their ‘side hustle’ and looking for ways to build enough courage and clients to go full-time freelance, or they’ve recently launched but feeling a bit stuck on how to push themselves to the next level.

The Freelance Fix will feature tips, tools, advice and actionable ways to get your business out there. I’ll be covering topics such as content marketing, freelance life, productivity, motivation, creativity, branding, website design, email marketing and much more. I hope to eventually have guests for interviews as well, and each month I’ll be doing an episode with Olivia here as well to share her expertise and input into the conversation.

I plan to publish my podcast in seasons; so for the next 12 weeks I will be posting once a week, and then I will be stopping for 3 months, and starting season 2 in August for another 12 weeks! This way it gives me a breather on constantly making content, and allows me to re-strategise between seasons.

How do I listen?

You can head to my Podcast page on my website and listen to the first episode directly here on my site, or you can listen on the iTunes Podcasts app, or on Spotify! It’s a ‘Meet + Greet’ introduction to my background and what I do.

I hope you enjoy my content over the next few months - please don’t forget to leave a review if you enjoy as well!