HTTPS Encryption: A Necessity for Your Website

HTTPS Encryption is a necessity for your website

Securing your website with an SSL certificate is now more important than ever.

For years, Google has been pushing all website owners to adopt HTTPS encryption, marking HTTPS websites with a green 'secure' padlock icon in browsers to show users that the website is secure.


It started out with being a necessity for online shop owners and any website that had a 'login' system that required people to enter sensitive information like passwords or credit card data. However, for the past couple of years, Google has been encouraging all website owners to move over to HTTPS, and has even been favouring secure websites in search rankings.

So it's already been important to secure your website for SEO reasons, but Google have just announced that their Chrome browser will be marking non-HTTPS websites as 'not secure' from July. This means that if your website doesn't have an SSL certificate, Google Chrome will be essentially warning users that your website isn't trustworthy. NOT GOOD!

If you haven't already, you should therefore be be prioritising getting your site secured as soon as possible. Luckily, if you're using Squarespace, you don't have to do anything! SSL certificates are included with all of their pricing plans and are already set up as standard when you buy or connect your domain with your Squarespace website.