A Few Recent Projects & Updates

Recent projects

This has been my first month back and publishing content on my blog in a long while!

Life got in the way, and for the last few months, blogging just hasn't been a priority for me. It actually takes a surprising amount of time to come up with content, do research, write articles, create sharable images for the articles and promote to your followers, and sometimes your time is simply better spent elsewhere.

However, with a bit of newfound focus and a clearer direction, I'm back with some updates and recent projects to share!

Recent Projects

Below are a few recent projects I've been working on that have launched over the past few months! 

Lucie Rose Donlan

Cornwall-based surf and lifestyle model, Lucie, wanted a fresh new look for her portfolio website. It was also really important that she'd be able to upload new images and make edits herself quickly and easily. I love the minimal clean look of the new Squarespace site!

Lucie Rose Donlan website

Tracy Short & Co

Tracy asked me to help her design a fresh brand and website for her new executive search and career coaching agency, and as soon as we completed the moodboard, I knew I was going to love working on the design. I also love how quirky and unique the website turned out too!

Tracy Short Branding
Tracy Short website

Anchor & Sea

After working on another brand for Neil last year, him and his partner came back to me to work on a modern, adventure-inspired logo and brand for their new surf jewellery/lifestyle brand. I instantly fell in love with the brief as it's exactly the type of items I would buy for myself, and I was excited to work with the coast and ocean as my inspiration!

A New Focus

After taking some time to review where my biggest creative blocks were coming from, and evaluating what I truly love doing in my day to day business, I've decided to put more focus on website design.

I still am truly passionate about creating great-looking modern brands for small businesses, but I have scaled down my brand service to a simplified 'Logo Design package', which will provide my clients with the essentials they need to get started with their branding (ie. a core logo, colour palette & fonts). This not only makes my services much more accessible for freelancers and startups, but also means I can focus on my true love... Squarespace website design!

This Blog & My Content

Between 2016 and 2017, I consistently published at least one full-length, high value post each week here on this blog. That's a year of incredible content and determination on my part! But it was taking hours out of my week, and my ability to conjure up new and well-researched content that regularly burnt out in Summer 2017 - hence the lack of posts since then.

So I'm scaling this down too. I'll be publishing the occasional 'portfolio' post to alert my followers of my recent work, but other than that I will be keeping things short and sweet here! I'll be posting industry news and things I think my clients and following should know and will find interesting, and yes maybe I will write the odd long-form in-depth article every now and then! But I won't be putting any pressure on myself to do this, instead so that I can focus on my work and projects and the things I truly love doing.

do it with passion or not at all.

= my new mantra

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