Branded Collateral You Might Need in Your Business

Branded Collateral You Might Need for Your Business | byRosanna

Your branding doesn't just stop at your logo!

When working with clients on a branding project, I always offer the option of adding on collateral items to their package. For some businesses (usually start ups), these things may not be necessary just yet as they literally just want to get to launch stage as quick as possible.

However, many people I work with are ready to invest in a fully cohesive brand; and that means working on branded collateral.

But what do I mean by 'collateral'?

I class collateral items as either physical or digital 'touchpoints' for your brand that are outward facing to your customers. I've written about the importance of brand touchpoints before, and why it's so key to make sure everything is consistent.

Below are some examples of collateral items you may want to consider designing for your business. This is the same list I provide my clients with to choose from:

1. Business cards

One of the most obvious collateral items to consider are business cards. These are so important if you plan on doing any kind of networking, as they are a great (quick!) way to pass on your contact details and get across the essence of your brand.

Business Cards for  The Cocoa Lab

Business Cards for The Cocoa Lab

Why choose a designer to create these?
A designer will understand the best file specifications and settings to create your print files in to achieve the highest quality, using professional tools such as Illustrator. They will also know how best to lay out the card for maximum impact with your target customer.

2. Social profile graphics

These include: your social media profile picture or 'icon', and a header image that you have the option to upload on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google etc. 

Why choose a designer to create these?
When you're a small business, it's likely that many of your customers will initially hear about you or find you on social media, so first impressions are vital! A designer will know how to create the best first impression for your business.

3. Social post templates

These days, social media is all about visuals and creating branded, shareable graphics that your followers will love and instantly associate with your business. Having a selection of branded templates to use means it's easy to make sure your brand is always looking consistent!

Why choose a designer to create these?
A designer will know what makes a graphic shareable and appealing to your audience on social media. All you need is a set of these created once, and you're good to go with minimal editing needed on your part - just a change of wording and imagery when needed!

Instagram Template for  Feely at Home

Instagram Template for Feely at Home

Instagram Template for  Feely at Home

Instagram Template for Feely at Home

Pinterest Template for  Feely at Home

Pinterest Template for Feely at Home

4. Document template

At some point in your business, you're probably going to want to create some kind of document for your clients. Whether that's an invoice, contract, questionnaire or just some instructions/information, it's more professional to send this on 'letter-headed' paper or as a branded file. 

Why choose a designer to create this?
Depending on which document processing software you use (Word or Pages, for example) the settings will vary on how to make sure your design applies to every new page created in a document. It can get a little complicated, so having a designer create a template for you means you just have to install it and type!

Document Template for  How to Build Your Business Online

Document Template for How to Build Your Business Online

5. Presentation template

For some types of businesses, creation presentation slides for clients is part of their every day routine. This is common for events planners or designers, for example, where it's common to showcase ideas to a client before a project is started. 

Why choose a designer to create this?
Similar to a document template, the settings can vary and be complex, so having a designer create high impact slides for your deck is an easy way to make sure everything your client sees is a high quality reflection of your brand.

6. Notecards

You could think of these as large versions of your business cards, but generally they can be used more flexibly. By leaving a space to include a handwritten message, these can be transformed into anything from thank you cards to feedback requests!

Why choose a designer to create this?
Similar to creating business cards, it's important to understand the file specifications (such as resolutions, colour modes, and bleeds/trim marks) needed for high quality printed items, as well as how to make sure your business will be remembered from this one piece.

Note Cards for  Bluebird Creative

Note Cards for Bluebird Creative

7. Pricelist/Menu

These types of documents are of course specific to certain types of businesses, but can be really useful to quickly attach to emails with clients, have as a downloadable document from your website, or have as physical print outs in your shop/restaurant/hotel etc.

Why choose a designer to create these?
Files like these can easily be templated, so again, you can have it professionally designed once, and it will be yours to tweak the text whenever you like. This just makes it so easy to have up to date, beautifully branded and cohesive documents for your customers to download or put in their handbag for later!

8. PDF design

Sometimes you just need something a little bit lengthier and more 'visual' than a pricing sheet or document template; something slick and easy to attach to an email! I always get compliments on my own info packs that I send over when clients first get in touch, but the below example is of a blogger's media kit too.

Why choose a designer to create this?
As this is usually a more visually-focused graphic-heavy type of document, it's a good idea to get help from a designer to come up with an 'on-brand' layout for you and give you the ability to edit the images and text you need.

PDF Design for  Jam & Clotted Cream

PDF Design for Jam & Clotted Cream

9. Email signature

If you are a slightly more traditional business, or someone who receives a lot of email enquiries vs. social media, your email could well be the first impression a client gets of your business, so make it count! It's helpful to include all your relevant contact information, as well as a logo so people can remember who you are.

Why choose a designer to create this?
Using your brand fonts and selected colour palette, a designer will create a signature that is memorable and works for a variety of different email clients (ie. software that people use to read emails, such as Outlook, Gmail or webmail systems). Many graphic-based signatures will appear differently and won't work with some email clients, but a designer can advise you on this.

Email Signature for  ReNu

Email Signature for ReNu

10. Email marketing header

This is the initial graphic that shows at the top of your email newsletters; it can be as simple or as information-rich as you like!

Why choose a designer to create this?
If you're focusing on building an email list and putting out some great email marketing messages, having a well-branded header is important for capturing peoples' attention!

11. Website/slider graphics

If you're in the process of creating your website, or have one that you need to add fresh new graphics to, having impactful banner/slider imagery can be helpful for getting your brand and key information across quickly.

Why choose a designer to create this?
A designer will be able to advise on what information to include on your banner/slider graphics and how much text to have, as well as what images will work best, so that your graphic are eye-catching but not overwhelming. 

Website Banner for  Odette

Website Banner for Odette

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