NEW LAUNCH: 'Azura Restaurant & Bar' Branding

I am incredibly excited to share this brand design project!

It’s something particularly close to my heart because this is, in fact, the branding for my partner’s new restaurant that he is taking over to manage this year, on-site at the holiday village he runs! We’ve been working hard at getting everything ready over the last few months and it’s all starting to come together - ready for the launch at the end of March.

Alex has been running the holiday village in Cornwall for around 4 years now, and decided to take over the on-site restaurant & bar (which had previously been run as a separate business by previous chefs etc), relaunching it with a new name, branding and an exciting plan of events throughout the year! Meanwhile I’ll be helping out with the ongoing design work and promotions, and we have a fantastic chef who is the genius behind the delicious menus.

I had a pretty strong idea for a design right from the beginning, and I took Alex through the exact same process I’d go through with any of my clients; we first discussed who the target customers would be and the personality/values behind the brand, and talked through ideas and inspiration of other brands that resonated with what we wanted to achieve.

From there, I created a few different brand concepts, which we shared with the chef and a few of our target customers to get feedback to tweak until it felt right.

As well as a core logo, submark and colour palette/font suggestions, I’ve also created a range of other branded collateral that all work together to look consistent, including:

  • Signage

  • Menu design

  • Flyers

  • Social media templates

  • Email marketing templates

We have also worked with a designer and decorators to give the restaurant itself a facelift too, to match in with the new branding. It’s currently a work in progress, but I’m very excited to see how it looks!

Azura Brand Design byRosanna
Azura Brand Design byRosanna
Azura Brand Design byRosanna
Azura Brand Design byRosanna
Azura Brand Design byRosanna
Brand Design for Azura Restaurant & Bar | byRosanna

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