S2 E12: Working for free and offering discounts - should we do it? (with Olivia Bossert)

Should freelancers ever work for free? What about offering discounts? Listen to the podcast episode to hear our thoughts | byRosanna Design #freelancing #freelancetips

Episode Notes:

This week I’m joined by fashion photographer, Olivia Bossert (my best friend & business buddy), and we discuss our thoughts on ‘working for free’ and ‘discounting’ as freelancers.

Questions we discuss include:
-When was a time you worked for free?

-Have you ever done work for free and it hasn't worked out or you've felt negatively about it?

-Have you ever asked anyone else to work for free?

-Is there really a difference between working for free vs working for less than you're worth? (same sense of resentment?)

-What are your thoughts on discounting? Have you ever done it? Should you do it?

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