S2 E9: How to Work with Influencers Effectively & Successfully

How to work with influencers effectively and successfully | Influencer marketing tips from an influencer!

Episode Notes:

As a business owner and someone you could class as an ‘influencer’ (I also run a popular lifestyle blog and regularly work with brands on collaborations), I get to see both sides of ‘influencer marketing’, and want to share my tips and experiences with you to ensure your campaigns are successful and effective when working with Instagrammers, bloggers or YouTubers.

In this episode I cover:
- What is an influencer and why is influencer marketing important?
- What the potential pitfalls are when planning an influencer campaign?
- How to find influencers that are a perfect match for your brand.
- How to differentiate between quality and quantity when it comes to follower numbers.
- How to put together a proposal for an influencer and negotiate.
- And how to analyse the success of a campaign.

Some useful links below:
- Target Customer CV (free template!)
- Instagram Tips to Boost Your Engagement
- ASA Guidelines for Influencers
(the law on declaring sponsored posts and collaborations)
- Facebook rules on giveaways etc.

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