S2 E5: Morning & evening routines (improve your productivity with better sleep)

Healthy morning & evening routines for freelancers and business owners | Be more productive and effective by getting enough sleep | byRosanna Design #productivity #efficiency

Episode Notes:

It sounds dramatic, but during sleep our bodies and brains restore themselves, and if they're not able to do that properly, a whole range of issues can occur such as...

  • Mood swings / anxiety / depression

  • Microsleeping (where you fall asleep without realising - extremely dangerous if you are driving!)

  • Your immune system won't have time to rebuild which will leave you vulnerable to more illness

  • It is easier to become overweight as your hunger/fullness hormones are affected by sleep

  • Higher risk of Type 2 Diabetes due to higher levels of insulin in sleep depravation

  • Cardiovascular and blood pressure risks

Scary, right?

As you can see, lack of sleep isn't just a productivity issue. Yes, sleep depravation will reduce your functions and make you far less productive, and have a negative effect on your work, but for some reason this isn't enough reason for many people to treat it seriously!

In this podcast I'm sharing my best tips for a relaxing night time routine and high quality sleep.