S1 E8: The legal rules & regulations of blogging

The legal rules and regulations of blogging for your business - The Freelance Fix Podcast with byRosanna

Episode Notes:

I see so many people starting blogs without realising that there are actually some legal rules they need to adhere to just by owning website, let alone when it comes to creating content!

In this episode, I cover the pages & policies you need to have in place when you own a website, as well as some basic information about Copyright law when curating content for your posts, and how to make sure you are declaring any affiliate links or sponsored/guest articles correctly.

I have also covered a lot of this information in the following blog posts:


(*Please note: I am not a lawyer & cannot be responsible for the advice given in this episode. This is based on my own research & experience but for a comprehensive understanding you should speak to a legal professional.)