Olivia Bossert

Logo Design

Olivia is the founder & editor of Atlas magazine, but is currently building her personal brand and photography portfolio here in Cornwall. After taking some stunning photos for my About page, she came to me about designing a logo for the 3 elements of her brand.

Inspiration Moodboard

Inspiration Moodboard for Olivia Bossert brand design

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Brand Concept & Logo

Olivia Bossert brand and logo design

Visit Olivia's photography website to see her new branding live in action, or read the beautiful write up about this project on her lifestyle blog!

I’ve never had a logo before, and when I asked Anna about developing one, I had no idea where to start. She guided me through the whole process, and I honestly couldn’t be happier with the result. She listened to all of the things that I wanted, and tweaked things constantly until I was really happy. I love my logos!
— Olivia Bossert

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