Tools & Applications


Project Management
This is an essential tool that I use every single day in my business. I've written articles on how I use it for organising my tasks and content calendars


File Storage & Backup
I make sure to backup everything onto Dropbox cloud storage. It also means I can access my files from anywhere, or on my phone when I'm out.


Google Apps & Gmail
For a professional email address using your domain I always recommend getting Gsuite, as it lets you use Gmail for your business, and gives you unlimited access to the Google Docs & Drive etc.


Design Software
As a designer, using Adobe Illustrator is part of my everyday work, so this is a necessity! I also use Adobe Photoshop for photo editing too.


Office Essential
All the magic happens on my trusty Macbook! It makes designing a dream and I love that I rarely have to worry about updates or security software (I'm too lazy for that!).

*I have used affiliate links, but genuinely use and love all of these tools myself!