Willoughby & Wolf is Live! Brand & Squarespace Website Design

I'm very excited to share this project I've been working on for a new luxury Bridal Boutique in Marlborough!

The excitement on this project has been infectious. Victoria Wolf has worked hard to prep for the launch of 'Willoughby & Wolf', her very own bridal boutique in the centre of Marlborough, and I feel honoured to have had the opportunity to bring her vision to life through her branding and website design!

The boutique is opening on the 18th of September (the day before my birthday!) and Victoria has brought in an interior designer to create the in-store atmosphere she envisioned. Using inspiration from the interior design planning process, I set about creating a moodboard to reflect Victoria's vintage luxe style, using rich jewel tones and gold texturing too. It was really important that everything portrayed 'vintage luxuriousness', rather than 'quaint/shabby chic'. I then created a logo and submarks for Willoughby & Wolf, including a gold wings icon (in a 'W' shape) to match with the feminine, vintage feel. 

Brand design and logo concept for Willoughby & Wolf byRosanna
Navy, dark pink and gold moodboard

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We had a false start with the website - the template I originally used simply wasn't looking the way Victoria had hoped, which is absolutely fine! This is why I include several revisions within my design packages. I switched templates, and decided to use the deep, rich navy tone as a background colour to add depth, along with gold texture hints to get across the lavish look. 

Victoria instantly preferred this new look, and we had very few tweaks to work on from then on. I'm so happy with how it turned out and I'm loving the dark navy theme! I also created business cards, flyers, an invitation, letterhead, stickers and a dress tag in the same style.

Business Card Design

The Website Design

Squarespace Website Design byRosanna
We are absolutely delighted with our brand and website. It feels like it is really us and it has been so great working with Anna!”
— Victoria Wolf

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