Why You Shouldn't Unsubscribe from Everything (+ 5 Newsletters I Love)

Why You Shouldn't Unsubscribe from Everything (+ 5 Newsletters I Love)

I know we all want to achieve 'Inbox Zero', but that doesn't mean we should hit unsubscribe on everything.

Yes, I get it. The minimal, 'intentional' lifestyle is the ultimate goal right now, and getting to a state of 'Inbox Zero' seems like The Dream. 

Having a clear, organised inbox is important of course! Using folders and filters can help to reduce stress and keep your emails under control. BUT here's why I think you should think twice before hitting 'Unsubscribe':

  • You may receive great offers from brands you love
    I love saving money where I can, and I find email offers are often the best. If you are a loyal subscriber, you may well be rewarded with a juicy discount or freebie, which is really worth if you love the brand.

  • Keep up to date with industry news
    If you're subscribed to some newsletters from companies and people in your industry niche, it's likely that they'll send you updates about new tools, processes and legalities you should know about.

  • Learn something new
    I honestly believe that the key to growing and being successful is continuous learning. One of the main reasons I stay subscribed to email newsletters is if they frequently tell me something I don't know, and help me learn more about my industry and profession.

  • Find shareable content to curate
    It can be hard to consistently find great content to share with your own followers, but getting awesome content regularly in the from of emails is a great place to start!

  • See what the competition are up to
    If you're running your own content marketing campaigns and newsletter mail-outs, it can be a good idea to sign up to your competitors' lists. Sure, they get a short-term gain out of it, but you'll get a long-term view of the type of things they're doing to gain leads.

  • Get inspiration for your next email newsletter
    Following on from the point above, use this research as inspiration for what to email to your own subscribers. If you share a similar audience, you can learn from what your competitors are doing and be inspired by it (no copying, of course)!

  • Take a fun break
    Sometimes you just need something to cheer you up on a dull day. Rather than surf the web for something entertaining, it can be nice to have something light-hearted appear in your inbox for a quick break.

Evidently, spammy and irrelevant emails are no good, and I encourage you to unsubscribe to keep your sanity in check, but I hope you understand my reasons above!

On that note, below are some of my favourite newsletters that I actually look forward to getting each week:

  1. By Regina
    I've mentioned before how much I love Regina. She is awesome and funny, and best of all, she always sends out long, epic, and valuable emails about growing a freelance business.

  2. Femtrepreneur
    Mariah Coz is another amazing girl boss. Her entrepreneurial emails are always full of actionable steps and guides to marketing and running a business.

  3. Creative Market
    All designers love Creative Market, right? I particularly enjoy getting their emails with juicy discounts and offers in them, as well as the occasional freebie! I also think it's good to keep up to date with what designs are popular in their store, to stay on top of trends.

  4. General Assembly
    General Assembly is an online learning and courses platform, and their emails will always teach you something new! It's great to find out what courses are available too.

  5. Paul Jarvis
    Paul shares his personal anecdotes and humorous insights in being a freelancer. Often laugh-out-loud and always intelligent, I would highly recommend you sign up to his infamous newsletter.