When to Ask for Help for Your Small Business

When to ask for help for your small business // outsourcing tips

There will come a time when you need to start outsourcing tasks in order to grow.

But which tasks should you get help with?

It can be hard to hand over responsibility for the things you have been working hard on for several months, or even years. It can be even harder to hand over the cash for those things, and this is something that all entrepreneurs and small business owners will struggle with in the outset.

Even though you might feel like a Superhero right now, there's no way you can manage every single part of your business forever more and still grow

Depending on your personal strengths, there are a variety of things you can outsource to others who will have more experience and skills, and who will therefore provide you with higher quality than if you were to try and do it yourself. 

1 | Accounts

When you might need help: Your limited company is growing and/or you are employing others.

While there are plenty of free/inexpensive accounting software programs and tutorials out there, this is only enough to get you so far. At some point (unless you're from an accounting background yourself), you will need the help of a trained and qualified professional to help you to keep on top of your numbers, and (most importantly), stay legal

2 | Copywriting

When you might need help: English is not your strong point and you have never had the need to write client-facing content before.

You may think this is so simple that you don't need to spend money for help with this, but (again, unless you're experienced personally), your business will benefit hugely from this investment. Good copy can lead to serious sales and conversions, and consistent copy can show off your brand's personality. 

3 | Branding & Website Design

When you might need help: You have no experience with graphic/website design and wouldn't know where to start, or don't know the steps to make your vision happen.

If you really want to stand out from the crowd, you need a professionally designed logo and website. It's easy to botch something together yourself when you're hard on spare cash, but I personally believe it's the best investment you can make for your business. You want to create a wow factor, and make sure your potential customers remember your name!

(Take a look at my Branding & Website packages to see how I can help you.)

4 | Social Media & Marketing

When you might need help: You're managing so many parts of the business, or are busy actually making products, that you simply have no time for this.

It starts out fun, but the momentum of managing your business' social media presence will soon wear off - it's hard to consistently and regularly come up with engaging content for your audience, especially when you've got so much else to do. Social Media consultants and Marketing professionals will have a strategy for this sort of stuff, and as well as managing your presence, can also start to tailor your updates to get the best engagement (because, well, that's what they know how to do!).

5 | Sales

When you might need help: You have no experience in sales and/or find it awkward. 

Sales can be daunting, especially if you're an introvert (like myself!). But some people love selling; it's in their nature. So why not harness that? Don't force yourself to do tasks that you hate and/or suck at, if there are people you can pay to do it while you get on with even more important stuff!

6 | Photography

When you might need help: You have wonderful products that would benefit from gorgeous photos that are higher quality than your iPhone snaps.

If you own a shop, craft business, restaurant, bar, or indeed anything with physical products, your photography is going to do your sales for you - at least, as long as it's good! Hiring a professional photographer with a proven portfolio, even just for an afternoon, will provide you with a host of images to use on your website, in marketing materials, menus, price lists and more.

7 | Personal Assistant

When you might need help: You receive a lot of calls/emails each day and can't find the time to stay on top of them. 

If your emails or phone calls are bogging you down and preventing you from getting on with important tasks in your business, it's almost certainly time to get an assistant. There are plenty of companies that offer virtual assistant or virtual receptionist services for a fraction of the price of paying someone full or even part-time. 

8 | Production

When you might need help: You're making a large number of products, or are taking on so many projects, that you need a helping hand.

As with many handmade/craft businesses, if you're growing steadily, you'll get to a point where you can no longer meet demand on your own. If you need help fulfilling orders, the best thing you can do is get a second person to help you, even if it's only for a few afternoons a week, and even if it's just a friend or family member to begin with! See how it helps you grow and then decide if you need to consider a full-time helper.


What could you outsource in your business?