What Could Pinterest Do For Your Business? (+ An Announcement!)

What could Pinterest do for your business? (+ an announcement)

You've heard people mention using Pinterest as a marketing tool - but is it really worth it for your business?

Like, what if you run a printing business or you sell pet food? Those don't really fit in with the typical 'recipe ideas' and 'wedding inspiration' topics that you may associate with Pinterest. 

Trust me when I say that you can still see success from using Pinterest in these niches. The dynamic of this platform is always changing, and more people in different demographics are using it now. 

Who can benefit from Pinterest?

Here are a few examples of unexpected niches using Pinterest successfully to grow their businesses:

Petplan Insurance
This just goes to show you don't have to sell products on Pinterest to be successful - insurance is a service (and a rather boring one at that!), so if they can do it, so can all you creative and business services out there!

Petplan insurance on Pinterest

Balcony Garden Web (Gardening Blog)
As you can see from the amount of followers on this account, blogs in even more specific niches can see great traction from Pinterest too.

Garden blog on Pinterest

U.S. Marines
Yes, even a traditionally masculine, government organisation can make Pinterest work for them! What's your excuse now?

US Marines on Pinterest

Ofactory Software
Again, a service industry that you may not associate with being aesthetically pleasing enough to post shareable content on Pinterest, and yet look at their following. They've been strategic in what boards they've created for sure.

Software Company on Pinterest

What can Pinterest do for your business?

So other than giving you more work to do with managing another social network, here are a few things Pinterest can do for your business:

1. Raise brand awareness
The more followers you gain on Pinterest, and the more savvy you are with your pinning strategy and content creation, the more people will see your content and (ensuring you've branded your content) your business' brand.

People will start to remember your name, or associate you with a certain topic, which makes them more likely to think of you when they need a solution to their problem.

Pinterest content views

Pinterest content views

2. Increase traffic to your website/readers to your blog
Once you have more people viewing your content, you'll have more people clicking on your pins and being sent to your website or blog. Provided the page they land on is awesome enough to pique their interest, from there they might have a nosey around to find out more about you and what your business does.

Website traffic

3. Grow your email marketing list
You can use Pinterest to direct people to a page on your website where people can sign up to your newsletter to receive an 'opt-in freebie' (more about creating opt-in offers here). I've increased my email list to nearly 7000 in the last 4 months just from using Pinterest!

Email list growth

4. Increase your enquiries
Once you have people visiting your site and finding out about what you do, and signing up to your newsletter to receive marketing emails from you, you'll find that you start getting more and more leads contacting you - yay!

I'd always recommend adding a field in your contact form asking where people found out about you - this can help you see how well your marketing strategies are working.

Sales source

5. Increase your sales
And of course with more leads and enquiries comes more sales (or you may just get more sales without the enquiries, if you're an online shop). This is probably your main goal for your whole Pinterest strategy - the bottom of your funnel - when this starts happening you need to start celebrating!

Pinterest Marketing Funnel

And a big announcement...

I'm launching my first ever online course!

Grow Your Business With Pinterest ECourse - Launching Soon!

Learn how to set up & optimise your Pinterest profile, grow a following, and use it to expand your business horizons - no matter what your niche.

We'll cover topics such as:
- Defining your goals & staying on-brand
- Customer & competitor analysis
- Setting up and optimising your account
- Building your boards & curating content
- Creating shareable graphics (+ FREE templates!)
- Enabling rich pins & pinning tools
- Scheduling software & group boards
- Analysing your strategy

I'm launching the course at an introductory price of £39 (with lifetime access!), so register your interest by clicking the button below to make sure you don't miss out on the offer!