UK Based Podcasts for Freelancers and Small Businesses

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I never thought I’d be a Podcast listener, but 12 months after listening to my first one I’m hooked!

I’ve always said I’m a visual learner, and that I struggle to take information in audibly. And to be fair, that’s still true! I am still much better at absorbing things if I see it in a visual way, BUT I’m nowhere near as bad at remembering audio information as I first told myself.

The main reason why I love Podcasts so much is because they’re the perfect way to fill ‘dead’ time during the day, when my hands are tied doing things like walking the dogs, working out at the gym, driving or cooking dinner. I’m someone who always loved to be learning, so having a Podcast on in the background means I can learn during moments when I wouldn’t usually be able to do anything work related!

(I’d like to add a small caveat here that there is such a thing as consuming TOO much information, and also that sometimes you do need a break from work related stuff while you’re doing other activities!)

There are thousands of Podcasts out there on all kinds of different topics, but I (of course) particularly love listening to ones about freelance life, running a small business and marketing! In this genre alone there are thousands to choose from, and of those I find they are mainly US-based.

There are many great US-based Podcasters I enjoy listening to, but sometimes the techniques and advice given doesn’t feel quite right for a UK audience. This is why I am a huge advocate for promoting UK based Podcasts!

Hashtag authentic - by sara Tasker

Sara Tasker is an Instagram expert and coach (@me_and_orla), and author of the book Hashtag Authentic. I’ve been following her for a number of years and love her calming style. Her Podcast is everything I hoped it would be with amazing Instagram insights and a range of brilliant speakers talking on interesting topics. Plus her voice is just as calming to listen to as her images are to look at!

The Janet murray show

Janet Murray is a bit of a UK business powerhouse! If you haven’t come across her content before you will be amazed at the incredible amount of advice and knowledge she gives away in her Podcast. Whether it’s social media marketing, or how to do PR and event marketing, there’s so many juicy episodes to listen to you’ll pretty much never run out!

The freelance fix - by me!

Shameless self promotion! I started my own business Podcast at the beginning of this year, as a way to make sure my content could reach a bigger audience including those who prefer to listen rather than read blog posts. I’ve just started Season 2, and have already covered topics such as target audience development, branding, blogging for business, pricing your services and much much more.

Starting the conversation - by alice Benham

Absolutely love this girl! She’s younger than me by a few years but has already achieved so much since I started following her journey at beginning of last year. From following her amazing Instagram Stories each day, I feel like I know her (and I definitely feel like we’d get on super well in real life!) and she’s always so relatable and nice. In her podcast she shares her advice and experiences, and lessons of her business journey, as well as hosting interesting guests from around the UK as well.

Letters from a hopeful creative - by sara Tasker & jen carrington

This Podcast is such a fun format! Sara Tasker (mentioned above) and Jen Carrington (creative coach) are the best duo, and basically spend each episode answering questions sent in by their audiences about topics relating the freelance life, marketing and work life balance. Sara is obviously fantastic, and Jen is possibly one of the wisest women I’ve ever heard! Her whole ethos is around building a slow, sustainable business that fits with your lifestyle, and her easygoing yet impactful approach to business always manages to bring me back down to Earth and calm me down after I’ve been listening to too many Americans telling me I should be doing ALL THE THINGS in my business.

It starts with a click - By olivia Bossert

Olivia is my best friend and business buddy, so of course I have to include her Podcast in this list! If you are a photographer, this is a MUST listen-to. Olivia shares her brilliant insights and photography business wisdom as well as invites fascinating industry experts in for interviews too.

Grow with soul - by Kayte Ferris

Kayte is a blogger at Simple and Season, as well as a creative coach and mentor. Similar to Jen (mentioned above) her focus is on helping freelancers grow their businesses in a soulful, sustainable way, with simplicity at the heart of everything she does. Again, she is incredibly calming to listen to, but always shares fantastic tips and talks about really interesting topics. I sense a trend with UK-based Podcasters being very relaxing to listen to?

Fearless Hustle Collective - By anna dunleavy

Anna is a photographer specialising in brand imagery for small businesses, and she also runs The Fearless Members Club - a community of freelance women wanting to make connections and learn how to run their businesses on their own terms. Her podcasts features lots of great topics, and interesting guests too.

You’ll notice above that all of these Podcasters are female; this is mainly due to my ‘internet bubble’ that consists mainly of female business owners with a lot of focus around women empowerment in business. I simply haven’t come across many male-hosted UK Podcasts in the business genre, so please do share some below as I’d be interested to expand my bubble!

Please share your recommended UK business podcasts in the comments! I’m always looking for new ones to listen to.