Tracking Your Progress (+ FREE Worksheet)

Tracking your progress on your blog or business (+ FREE worksheet)

Keep track of your numbers to stay on top of your goals.

Whether you're a blogger or a small business owner, you've probably set some goals and objectives for your marketing activities (if you haven't, do it now!), but many of us have the tendency to write these things down and forget about them after a couple of months.

Keeping track of the core numbers and metrics surrounding your marketing activities is a great way to see how close you are to achieving your objectives, and to find out early on whether you are actually able to achieve them. 

Updating a small, simple spreadsheet like this each month can help you to identify areas that are lagging behind, and help you focus on your goals!


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Customise with your own columns:

You're trying to grow your blog following so that you can offer better sponsorship packages to brands.

Consider the following columns:

  • Blog visits

  • Pages per visit

  • Bounce rate

  • Average comments per blog post

  • Average social shares per blog post

  • RSS/Bloglovin subscribers

  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest followers

These are the metrics that brands will be interested in, as they want maximum exposure for their products and services. Improving the numbers in these areas is a great way to improve your value to brands.

You want to get more website traffic and sell more through your e-commerce system.

Consider the following columns:

  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest followers

  • Average click through rates on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest

  • Website visits

  • Email subscribers

  • Average email click through rates

  • Conversion rates on your e-commerce system

How will you use this worksheet?