Promoting Your Business With £20 Or Less

How to promote your business with £20 or less!

Marketing doesn't have to be expensive.

There's plenty of ways to promote your small business for free, or with a tiny budget! It's time to get creative...

Here's 10 ideas that will cost you less than £20:

  • Facebook advertising
    Facebook advertising is one of the most thorough, customisable advertising platforms around. You can tailor your adverts incredibly specifically, and set a maximum budget so you don't overspend. Try it out for a week with £20 and see what it can do for your business!

  • Promoted tweets
    As with Facebook, you can set a maximum budget for a certain amount of days, so you don't have to worry about overspending. Twitter has some great targeting features too, so if your customers are more likely to hang out there than on Facebook, this could be a great avenue for you!

  • Gumtree/Craigslist ads
    Sure, you can list your product/service on Gumtree (or Craigslist if you're in US) for free, but giving it a boost with £5, £10 or £20 could make it visible to many more potential customers! This is an especially good tool if you're targeting locally.

  • Passionfruit ads
    On Passionfruit ads, you can buy advertising space in the sidebars of a variety of different blogs and websites. This could be great if you're starting a beauty or lifestyle brand, as there are many of these types of bloggers listed on this platform.

  • Printed flyers
    For £20 or less, you could get a couple hundred flyers printed with information about your new brand, or perhaps an event or discount offer. Spend a couple of hours (or rope in a friend to it) handing these out in a destination where your target customers hang out (eg. a college, music venue or high street).

  • Giveaway/competition
    Buy something awesome with £20 (or less!), or collaborate with several businesses where you all put in £20 to buy a bigger, better prize; then you can all benefit from the publicity created by the competition. The great thing about a competition is that you can grow your email list too, which is great for marketing in the future through email newsletters.

  • LinkedIn advertising
    Is your business in a B2B space? LinkedIn advertising, much like Twitter & Facebook, is highly targeted, and again, you're able to set a maximum budget.

  • Stumbleupon advertising
    Stumbleupon is a great place for targeted advertising that many people often forget to consider. You can set your budget, and choose your target audience, and your advert or promoted content will pop up to your audience while they're stumbling!

  • Craft stalls
    Do some research about your local craft fairs. You'll probably find that setting up a stall will cost less than £20. This is a great avenue if you create handmade items or have a bespoke service that you offer locally.

  • Business fairs
    Likewise, local business fairs and conferences might not cost you that much to attend (it might be a bit more expensive to exhibit!), so get some business cards printed and go and network!


what else can you think of for less than £20?