Minimal Branding Inspired by the Outdoors for Jen Larkin

Brand Design for Jen Larkin

Brands that combine minimalism with a little bit of adventure & 'hipster-style' are some of my favourite to work on.

In fact, my own branding comes from that kind of place; a place of modern minimalism, muted/natural colour tones, an outdoorsy/creative/nature-inspired feel, and plenty of whitespace. It speaks to me personally, and therefore is no wonder why it's my favourite type of design work.

The Brand Moodboard

Jen Larkin Brand Moodboard | byRosanna

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That whole feeling really encapsulates who Jen Larkin's target customers are as well (as shown in the moodboard above). Jen is a local Cornish artist who creates the most stunning landscape artwork inspired by her own hiking adventures around the Cornwall coast and English countryside.

Her clients have a love for the outdoors and travelling too, along with a distinguished eye for great artwork to feature in their homes or businesses.

The Brand Concept Board

Jen Larkin Brand and Logo Design | byRosanna

After circling around the idea a few times, Jen decided to make a feature of the 'lark' within her surname, and we created a beautiful, empowered skylark icon to use in her final logos. This skylark symbolises freedom and adventures, as well as being Jen's favourite bird to listen out for on her walks around Cornwall.

Jen is launching a brand new collection of artworks this year - the reason for her re-brand - and I can't wait to see what's next for her!

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