Freelance Business Plan Template (Free Download)

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When you hear the phrase ‘business plan’, it’s easy to think of super corporate, formal 80-page documents.

In fact, when you search ‘business plan’ or ‘business plan template’ online, it often comes up with those exact type of corporate results full of pages and sections that the average freelancer or new small business owner probably won’t understand and definitely won’t need!

This is why I’ve created a business plan template specifically for freelancers, small business owners, and creatives. It’s not for corporate mergers or multi-national businesses to use; it’s for you and your own internal reference.

I have written a guide to filling out each section and have used language that is un-intimidating and easy to understand, keeping it minimal to the essentials that you’ll need for your small biz.

Summary & Goals

Perhaps the most key part of the plan, getting all your goals, ideas and ambitions onto paper is a great way to get started (and get you excited!).

When setting goals and objectives, making sure they're SMART is important for being able to measure your progress.

Customers & competitors

So while you've talked about what you're offering and why in the other sections, this section is where you need to start thinking about your market

Time to really get to know your customer and their habits, and consider how you're going to encourage loyalty in your brand too. Understanding where you place amongst your competitors is important too, and you may find it useful to complete a competitor SWOT analysis

products & services

In this section, you can write down what your offerings are, and your processes too if you need to. 

As well as where these offerings will be available, and how much for, I also like to consider the 'why'. Why are you offering these products/services, and how is it going to benefit your business?


Ahh my favourite part (kinda sarcastic, kinda not...). 

As a marketer, this is the part I know most about, but it's also the most detailed (and hardest) part to fill in and implement. 

Whether it's online or offline, marketing take a lot of time and effort, but it really is a necessary part of your business plan. 

financials & measurement

And then we have the most boring section, in my opinion of course!

While this part of a business plan can go on forever for some businesses, I've kept mine really short and sweet. Only include the necessary is what I say.

These bits are probably the bits that you'll want to keep updated throughout the year so that you can check you're on track with your goals!

Are you ready to get your freelance business organised?

Happy planning!

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