Etsy vs. eCommerce Websites

Etsy vs. eCommerce Websites - which is for you?

There are pros and cons with each option, so which one's for you?

When you first start out selling your unique, handmade items, Etsy can seem like the obvious place to start. It's one of the most famous marketplaces on the web, and everything is telling you that you should be on it! Before you set up shop, you should first take some things into consideration...


  • Seller's fees (listing fee & % of sale)
    0.20 USD per listing + 3.5% of each sale.
  • Abide by someone else's terms
    You have no say about the privacy terms.
  • Limited design options & little branding
    You can only have a profile picture & cover. 
  • Competing in a huge marketplace
    Over 5 million shops on Etsy.
  • Little/no SEO benefits
    You don't get a say in your ranking.
  • Focus on cost, not quality
    You're being compared on your prices.


  • No up-front fees
    Setting up a shop on Etsy is free!
  • Easy, quick set up
    It's intuitive to set up and get started.
  • No fussing around with design
    Just start selling!
  • Easy order management
    Get alerts and updates & use an app too!
  • Visible on a worldwide platform
    Over 54 million members on Etsy.
  • Customer's trust the process
    They know that Etsy is a secure system.
  • No support/management issues
    Don't worry about your site going down!

an eCommerce website


  • Larger up-front fee
    Anywhere from £400 to £10,000!
  • Longer to set up
    Anywhere from 2 weeks to 1 year!
  • Harder to get to grips with
    You may need help to start with.
  • Marketing is up to you
    You're not on Etsy search anymore...
  • Customers may not trust process
    How do they know payments are secure?
  • Support/management is up to you
    You may have to look after your own site.


  • Totally customisable & unique
    Go crazy - it's all yours!
  • Freedom to do what you want
    You don't have any terms of use at all.
  • Lots of eCommerce options
    There are different plugins and platforms.
  • No seller's fees
    You don't lose a % of your sale each time.
  • Professional, memorable look
    Customers are more likely to remember you!
  • SEO is as good as you make it
    You can use SEO tactics to improve your ranking.
  • Focus on quality, not cost
    Your uniqueness & branding will make you!

So, which one's for you?

Now that you can see the finer details of the decision, you may be wondering how this is going to help you choose! Well, it basically comes down to this:

  • If you're up for a challenge, or ready to mature from your existing Etsy shop, you should consider setting up an eCommerce website for your brand.
  • BUT if you're just starting out, or you're unable to commit fully to your online business for any reason, you should consider setting up on Etsy.

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