Creating Digital Collateral (Media Kits, Info Packs & PDFs)

Creating Digital Documents (Media Kits, PDFs & Info Packs)

Why and how to create 'digital brochures' for your customers

Whether you're a restaurant owner, online retailer, photographer, coach or dog groomer (I always like to include that last one... dogs need to feel pampered too!), having a digital document with everything your customer needs to know about you can be extremely useful!

Why is an info pack/media kit be useful?

First of all, I've found that it's actually pretty useful for getting your own head together about your products/services and processes. You can't tell your customers one thing and do another, so it's important to really think through everything you include in your document to make sure it is going to be consistent with your practices.

What else?

  • Have a quick, 'pre-made' response for enquiries on-hand and ready to go

  • Refer clients to the document if they're unsure of anything during the service

  • Refer customers to the document if they're unsure of anything post-purchase

  • Showcase your best work/products without sending people to your website

  • Speaking of which, it's super handy if your website is under maintenance!

  • Look like you've seriously got it together as a professional

What should I include in my info pack/media kit?

It's really up to you how you lay it out and what you want to include, and it also depends on what you're selling, but here's some basic ideas:

Info Pack
(usually between 3 and 8 pages long, use for customer enquiries & introductions)

  • Front page (includes your logo, the name of the document and the year)

  • About page (basic summary of your business, and a bit about you if you like!)

  • Services/Products page (what your business offers)

  • Process page (how you work, or what your project process looks like)

  • Previous Work page (some portfolio examples, product images or testimonials)

  • FAQ page (include some questions you get regularly)

  • Contact page (clear, easy to read contact details and where to find you)

As you can see, it can be laid out much like a website would be. In which case you might be wondering why you even need it, but trust me, in the event that your website goes down or needs maintenance, you will appreciate having it. 

Also you may occasionally get enquiries from people who haven't been on your website, and a PDF document can sometimes seem like less effort than browsing around a website, so it's nice to have on-hand for people you suspect may want quick, to-the-point information without too much effort.

Example of my own digital 'Info Pack'

Media Kit
(usually 1 or 2 pages long, use for giving a brief overview of what you do & stats)

  • Logo and tagline (it's important to make sure the whole document is branded too)

  • Short summary (a short paragraph about who you are & what you do)

  • Bullet point 'offerings' (what service/products you offer)

  • Statistics (eg, products sold, website visitors, social following)

  • Previous work examples (two or three short examples of previous work, or people you've worked with)

  • Contact details (bold and easy to read, where people can find you)

Media kits are particularly useful for bloggers, who may want to show advertisers or influencers what kind of blog they have and how popular it is. They can also be great for businesses looking for small investments, partners or even contractors and new employees, to act as a business CV of sorts.

An example of a Media Kit I created for Jam & Clotted Cream

An example of a Media Kit I created for Jam & Clotted Cream

How can I create an info pack/media kit?

There are several tools you can use to create your digital documents; you just want to make sure you can export your document to a PDF file. You should always send documents to people in this format because (unlike Microsoft Word or Apple Pages documents) the layout won't change depending on what tool or computer you open it with - it will always look the same.

Some tools you can consider:

I offer a content design retainer for businesses looking to keep all their marketing and business content consistently branded, and am available to create one-off designs too.

What other documents could I create?

Some examples of other documents and digital PDFs you may want to create for your business include:

  • A Welcome pack (a more in-depth view of your process including payments and requirements - this may be something you customise person to person)

  • A Guide document (a guide to using your product, making the most of your services, or getting started with a tool or resource)

  • A Send off pack (for me, this includes details on how to use a website or details on how to make all future branding consistent - it could also include upsells for other products or services)

  • Portfolio flyer (a one-page PDF with a few previous work examples and a testimonial or two... surprisingly useful!)

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