Do You Know Your Brand Touchpoints?

What are your Brand Touchpoints?

A brand touchpoint is simply an element or place where a potential customer will experience your brand.

Why is it important to know all your business' Brand Touchpoints? So that you can ensure each and every one of them is consistent and optimised for action

Each element should include the same look, feel and voice of your brand so that eventually people will start to see these elements and think:

"Ah yes, I recognise that as an [INSERT BUSINESS NAME HERE] newsletter/video/poster!"

That's the reaction you're after!

So what are your Brand Touchpoints? 


  • Shop front
    Your shop front is one of the most important touchpoints, as it's the one that's aim is to entice people into the shop! The signage, exterior decor and window display should SHOUT your brand values out loud! 
  • Shop interior
    Does the industrial decor really match your brand's feminine personality? Do the walls match your brand colour palette?
  • Shop assistant
    Should they be wearing a branded uniform? Are they embodying the brand's personality when they greet and serve customers?
  • Catalogues/Menus/Brochures
    So you've got your logo on there, but are the fonts and colours consistent with your brand's style? If you're a fun, family-friendly business, the copy and imagery used should portray that.
  • Packaging
    Again, the colours should be consistent, and any added flairs should be on-brand too. 
  • Receipts/After-sales materials
    Is there anything unique you can add to these? If you're including a voucher when you hand over the receipt, make sure your customer will look at it later and instantly recognise where it came from!
  • Posters and Flyers
    Just because it needs to catch peoples' attention doesn't mean it has to be gaudy. Stick with your brand fonts and colours so that you become more recognisable.
  • Print advertisements
    Even if you're constrained with space or colours, it's still important to get your brand's look and feel across!
  • Exhibition/Event stands
    You're probably there to do business, so your display booth or stand is incredibly important to attract people, and most of all, to be memorable! 
  • Documents (letters, contracts etc.)
    Your customers want to know you're authentic and consistent in yourself, so make sure everything you send to them is consistent to your brand!


  • Website
    Your website is your virtual shop front, so should be communicating your brand style and personality the loudest! 
  • Social media platforms
    Depending which industry your business is in, it is likely that some customers will actually search and find you through social media, so you want to ensure your imagery and tone of voice are consistent with your website, as these are an extension of that!
  • Digital advertisements
    If your brand is classy and sophisticated, you want your adverts to reflect that so that the right people are attracted to it and will click on it. This is important because most of the time, you will be paying per click, so you want to make sure those clicks come from the people who are most likely to buy from you.
  • Blogs/articles
    Your brand tone-of-voice should come alive in any articles or blogs you write as a business. Include your logo at the end or add branded elements to images you use too. You never know who will find your article!
  • Email newsletters
    Your formal brand shouldn't be sending spammy emails with emojis and jokes, and your fun and witty business shouldn't be sending out snore-worthy subject lines. 
  • eBooks/Digital downloads
    Brand the Hell out of these, because you never know who will end up downloading them, forgetting about them, and finding them months later realising that they need your services!
  • Videos/animations
    YouTube is one of the top search engines in the world - did you know that? People use it as a search tool, and they might just come across your videos there. You want to make sure your videos are memorable and recognisable to stand out from the rest.
  • Presentations
    Whether these are internal, on SlideShare, or being presented at conferences, you again want to be as recognisable as possible.
  • Online directories
    These may not be very customisable, but you should always include your logo where you can, and inject some of your brand tone-of-voice into the copy so that people know what they're in for!
  • Digital documents
    As with the physical documents and contracts, these should show you're authentic and professional nature by being consistent with everything else. 


how many can you think of for your brand?