Brand Design: How to Build Your Biz Online

This week, Nicola Semple is launching her new website, 'How to Build Your Business Online'!

I'm very excited for her, and am honoured to have helped her get this new brand off the ground!

Nicola is a UK-based business mentor and coach, helping female 'biz-builders' get the confidence they need to launch their dreams. 'How to Build Your Business Online' is a brand new website dedicated to providing useful resources for those looking to kick their businesses off in the digital world.

Step one: the inspiration board

'How to Build Your Biz Online' moodboard

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Nicola was looking for bright pops of colour to excite and inspire her clients, and many of her images on her Pinterest inspiration board were very geometric too.

Step two: the logo & variations

'How to Build Your Business Online' brand concept

Looking for a text-based core logo, it was important to Nicola that the name of her new brand would appear all on one line for her main logo, so we decided to shorten 'business' to 'biz' like in her domain name, to keep things snappy!

Step Three: Social media graphics

'How to Build Your Business Online' social media graphics

To stay with the vibrant theme, I created branded social media header images and post templates for her soon-to-be Facebook and Twitter profiles!

'How to Build Your Business Online' social media graphics

Step Four: Brand Collateral

Untitled design (2).png
'How to build your business online' brand collateral
'How to build your business online' brand collateral

As a mentor and coach, Nicola will need to create contracts, worksheets and presentation slideshows for her clients and marketing materials, so I developed these templates in consistency with her new brand design.

Working with Nicola and her colourful new brand was great fun!

Anna was incredibly professional and a joy to work with. She has lots of great ideas about design and genuinely listens and takes on board the direction that you want to take your brand. Anna was very responsive and kept me updated at all stages of the process, she responded brilliant to feedback and instinctively seemed to know where to go next with the project. I would highly recommend working with Anna.
— Nicola Semple

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