Sole Trader Services

Logo & Brand design

Working with Sue has been amazing! She's incredibly experienced in her field and I'm so excited for her to launch her new set of services designed specifically to help sole traders get on top of their business, from strategy to book-keeping. I know so many people who will benefit from what Sue has to offer, and I'm honoured to have been a part in her new journey!

The Moodboard

Sole Trader Services Moodboard

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Brand Concept

Sole Trader Services Brand Concept - byRosanna

Brand Collateral

Sole Trader Services Facebook Cover
Twitter post template for Sole Trader Services
Instagram post template for Sole Trader Services

It was a pleasure working with Anna, a talented brand designer who helped me develop my ideas to create a simple, modern and professional brand identity for Sole Trader Services. I am delighted with the results - superb graphics with additional collateral including a fabulous logo, image templates, submarks and accents, everything I need to promote my brand consistently. Thank you, Anna!
— Sue C

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