Step One


Fill out my questionnaire below with more details about your business, your clients and more. This is all really important for me to provide the best design for your needs.

Step 2

Text & Image(s)

I will need you to send me your any brand materials you have (logos, colour palettes, moodboards, fonts etc) as well as the text and and images you want to add to your landing page.

Step 3

Domain & Mailchimp Info

You can either send me the login details fo your domain provider and Mailchimp account (if setting up an email newsletter), or add me as an administrator to your account, so that I can connect your domain (eg. to your web page once we are done.

- the questionnaire -

What makes you stand out from the competition?
Include demographics like age, gender, location, as well as income bracket, family background and other lifestyle factors.
When will you be launching your full website?
When will you be launching your full website?
If you don't know, or if you don't wish to display this on your landing page, leave blank.
If you have one.
If you have one.
(If you selected 'Other' from the dropdown above)
If you don't already have a domain name, do you need advice on choosing a domain name provider?
(If you selected 'Other' from the dropdown above)
Do you want a sign up form to add people to a newsletter list?
If so, make sure you have set up a Mailchimp account before we start.