Ellie Beth Designs UK

Brand re-design

Rachel Blundell has built an incredibly successful sticker and journalling shop on Etsy over the past couple of years, and in making the leap to create her own ecommerce website, she felt she needed to mature her EllieBeth logo and brand to a more serious reflection of her business and start fresh for her brand new site!

The Moodboard

EllieBeth Designs UK Moodboard

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Brand Concept

EllieBeth Designs UK Brand Concept

Brand Collateral

EllieBeth Designs UK Brand
EllieBeth Business Cards

Anna has been amazing to work with - she captured perfectly the key elements that encapsulated EllieBeth Designs UK. I am so happy with the final result - gorgeous graphics with everything that I need - but almost as importantly, the design process was easy, straightforward and I felt I could completely trust her with the work. Customer reactions to the new branding has been so positive - they recognise it as EBDUK, but in a fresh way, perfect for the next stage in the business!
— Rachel Blundell, EBDUK

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