Content Strategy

Client Questionnaire

If you have one
Be as descriptive as possible; include demographics, behaviours, customer profiles etc.
Please provide company names and website URLs where relevant.
What types of content marketing do you currently do?
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Eg. Which email marketing software do you use? Do you use social media scheduling tools? Do you use design tools to create visual content?
Please leave their profile URLs below and a note on why you like their content.
Please leave links to emails you like, or links/names of companies whose email marketing inspire you.
Leave the links and names of your favourite blogs and blog posts.
Are you trying to grow your social following? Bring more traffic to your website? Make people aware of your brand? Generate sales? If you answered yes to all of those, consider the priorities of those goals.
What is your content marketing budget per MONTH?
Not including labour/time costs. This budget would include the cost of email marketing software, social media scheduling tools, advertising budgets etc.
How much time do you have available for content marketing per WEEK?
This includes the time of other people helping you with content marketing.