So you've booked your brand & website design project!

This is great news, but before we can get started there are few bits and pieces I'll need from you to make sure we start smoothly on our project date...



Fill out my questionnaire below with more details about your business, your clients, your inspiration and more. This is all really important for me to provide the best design for your needs. It's also great for getting you really focused on the purpose of your website, and may give you some ideas for other marketing activities too.

It's a 'submit-once' form, so feel free to browse and mull the questions over on a piece of paper or make notes somewhere else before submitting!


Text, Imagery & Content

Take some time to put together all the content for your website into a folder on your computer. This may include:

  • Branding, logos, colour palettes, moodboards that will be useful for me when designing

  • Text and images for each individual page (eg. About page copy, FAQs, testimonials etc.)

  • Contact/location details for your Contact page

  • Up to 3 pre-written blog posts (if starting a new blog and this is within your package)

  • Up to 5 products with images, pricing details & descriptions (if a Shop is within your package)

  • Store policies such as Returns, Shipping and Terms (if a Shop is within your package)

You can then compress this folder on your computer, and use a free website called WeTransfer to upload and send me the folder. This website is also great for sending large files and images rather than via email!


Domain & Technical Info

There's no rush for this information until we are near the end of the project, so don't panic! 

I will need the login details of your domain provider so that I can connect your domain (eg. to your new website once we are done. If you haven't already purchased a domain, I would recommend GoDaddy. They usually cost less than £25 a year, and connect very easily with Squarespace.

If you plan to have an email newsletter, I will also need your Mailchimp login details to connect this, along with any 'sign up form' copy or opt-in downloads.

For social media connection and payment gateways (if we're creating a shop), I will be showing you how to connect these yourself due to security reasons, so don't worry about sending me information for these.



- The questionnaire -

If your trading name is different to your legal business name, include both! Don't forget to include 'LTD' if you're a limited company as well.
If you don't have one already, this may be something to consider! It can be a simple description of what you do (eg. 'Website Design Studio') or something more abstract.
Sum up what you do in 1 or 2 sentences, being really specific and using keywords that your customers might think to search for in Google.
What makes you different and stand out from the crowd?
How are you similar and different to them?
How old are they? Are they male or female? Where do they live? What do they like doing?
(If you have one)
What pages do you require for your website?
Starter Website Package includes 4 pages + blog OR portfolio. Premium Website Package includes 5 pages + blog AND portfolio AND shop if needed. A Website Terms & Conditions page with basic Privacy & Cookies Policy is provided free. Additional pages can be added to your package at an extra charge.
Existing or preferred colours, fonts, imagery, graphics etc.
Add names and links to brand designs that resonate with you below:
Feel free to include links to websites that you like the style of:
Eg. Use adjectives like 'Fun', 'Sophisticated', 'Relaxed', 'Rebellious', 'Knowledgeable' etc.